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Molly O, Seattle, WA
Before WBX
After WBX

Lost 5 LBS and 1 jean size in the first week. I feel like a different person!

Dr. Knox. Chiropractor, Miami, FL
Before WBX
After WBX

Functional, corrective, and very effective. I encourage all my patients to try Workout Buddy X, and you should too!

Amy C, Toronto, CANADA
Before WBX
After WBX

Just believe in yourself and give it a try. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks!

Mohit, Edison, NJ
Before WBX
After WBX

Felt stronger, fitter, and saw changes on my body every week. I lost 26 LBS and got ripped.

Mike S, Santa Barbara, CA
Before WBX
After WBX

Got rid off 19 LBS of body fat and gained lean muscles. The belly fat is completely gone.


Don't just train hard. Train SMART! Create your customized workout plan and be shocked by your results in just 7 days – 100% FREE!

 Key Features

  • 36 fun, safe, and super-effective workout videos
  • 3 intensity levels per exercise - ideal for beginners, intermediate, and elite athletes.
  • Burn fat, sculpt lean muscles, and transform your entire body
  • No gym, no additional equipment purchase needed
  • FREE  trainer coaching, nutrition plan, and web-tools ($100 Value)
  • new feature  Personalized  workout plan base on your goal, fitness level, and body-type

  Workout Anytime, Anywere



 5 Reasons Why WBX Will Work For - YOU


1. Achievable Results -   3 different intensity levels per exercise ensuring optimal results for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.  


2. Burn Calories 24/7 -   Maximize the Afterburn Effect to help you burn more calories and fat all day long!


3. Simple -   No gym. No fancy equipment purchase. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions get you the most out of every exercise.


4. 100’s Of Variety - Different workouts every day including, circuit training, kick-boxing, interval training, core, functional strength training, and yoga. Workouts are always fun and effective, and you’ll never get bored.


5. Support & Customization - Get 1-on-1 trainer motivation, tips, and customized workout routine specifically for your goal, fitness level, and body-type.


 40 Years of Experience Working for YOU

Philippe Til Marlon John Jupinko Riyaana Hartley
philippe-til-trainer Marlon_John Jupinko riyaana_hartley
  • WBX Head trainer 
  • NASM Certified
  • RKC Certified
  • Inventor of SmartFlex™
  • Shotokan and Ninjutsu Blackbelt
  • Group fitness specialist
  • NSCA Certified
  • Boot Camp Certified
  • Founder of Body Sculpt 100
  • 2010 Fitness America Champion
  • NASM Certified
  • Zumba Certified
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Yoga Instructor 
  • Prana Flow Specialist - emphasis in fluid power, primal movement, creative play. 


 Getting Started - What You Need

  • SPACE: About 6 ft x 3 ft.
  • TIME: 25 minutes per day, 5 days a week.
  • EQUIPMENT:  Most exercise need no equipment.   Or grab a water bottle or moderate weight dumbbells to amp up the intensity.


 +3 FREE Gifts ($100 Value)

personal-trainer DEDICATED TRAINER COACHING:  Each WBX member is assigned with a dedicated personal trainer to provide unlimited email support, customization and personalized motivation. ($60 Value)


AUTOMATIC TRACKING WEB-TOOLS:  Automatically earn a “STAR” for each completed workout. The more stars you earn, the more calories you burn, and the thinner you look! ($13 Value)


NUTRITION E-BOOK DOWNLOAD: Receive a Free copy of "the FAT BURNING Blueprint 2.0", - no calorie counting, no point counting. Follow our simple and ultra-effective eating guide to burn fat and build lean muscles -FAST ($27 Value) 




  • 36 exclusive workout videos ($360 Value)
  • Unlimited trainer coaching and customization ($60 Value)
  • The  FAT BURNING Blueprint EBook © ($27 Value)
  • Automatic Calendar Tracking ($13 Value)
  • Personalized tips & motivation
  • Auto Webcam
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Total Value = $460. Yours 100% Free for 7 days, then it's just $4.98 per week!




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Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before starting any exercise program or using any diet or meal plan, especially you or your family have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, bone or joint problem. Do not start Workout Buddy X if your physician or health care provider advises against it. The information on our Web Sites is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to diagnose any medial condition or substitute or replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you experience any dizziness, pain, shortness of breath with exercise or diet, stop and consult with your physician immediately. Results may vary depending on your individual physical ability, diet, genetics, and motivation. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve result. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. © 2010 - 2011 Alinea Media, Inc. All rights reserved.