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Camia, Atlanta, GA
Before WBX
After WBX

Finally, a simple system that works for ME!

*Camia lost 45 LBS after following her diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks, 30 minutes per workout x 3 times a week. Results may vary.

Molly O, Seattle, WA
Before WBX
After WBX

Lost 5 LBS and 1 jean size in the first week. I feel like a different person!

*Molly followed her diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks. Results may vary.

Dr. Knox. Chiropractor, Miami, FL
Before WBX
After WBX

Functional, corrective, and effective. I encourage all my patients to try WBX, and you should too!

*Dr. Knox lost 25 LBS following his diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks. Results may vary.

Amy C, Toronto, CANADA
Before WBX
After WBX

Just believe in yourself and try it. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks!

*Amy lost 24 LBS in 3 months. Results may vary.

Michelle D, Omaha, NE
Before WBX
After WBX

I love that workouts are different every day.

*Michelle lost 21 LBS following her diet and exercise plan for 3 month with three 30-minute workouts each week. Results may vary.

Mohit, Edison, NJ
Before WBX
After WBX

Felt stronger, fitter, and saw changes on my body every week. I lost 26 LBS and got ripped.

*Mohit followed his diet and exercise plan for 7 months. Results may vary.

James Y, Des Moines, IA
Before WBX
After WBX

Started weighing 234 LBS made it difficult finding a program for my size, but in just 3 months, I lost 54 LBS. If I can do it, anybody can do it! * Results may vary.

Galina K, Venice, CA
Before WBX
After WBX

Starting weight was 176.6 lbs and 37.6% body fat. After just 60 days, 160 lbs and 27.3% body fat.

* Results may vary.


Is it possible to slim down your waistline and sculpt incredibly defined lean muscle doing movements you already do every day?

Watch this short video below now to learn how:

Ever wonder why professional athletes and world-class training programs place so much emphasis on the core?


Well, unlike typical run-of-the-mill exercise programs that may fixate on small things like:

How many calories are you burning on the treadmill?

Or… How many sets of bicep curls do you need to do to build bigger biceps…

Athletes need to perform better.

And, the strongest, fittest, and highest-earning athletes understand that their training program not only makes them perform better on the court, but more importantly, it must help them prevent injury and support a healthy, long-lasting career.

And that’s the #1 reason why training core is so important.

Because core is not just your abs.

Core is actually your abs, your hips and your lower back, and there are in fact 29 muscles altogether that make up your core muscle group.

What’s more important is that every muscle, every exercise relies on your core to start and end every movement that you make.

What that means is this:

Having a strong core is just as critical from athletic exercise like “dunking a basketball” to mundane movements like “standing up off from the couch”, or “picking up a suitcase.”

Conscious or not, you need a strong core, not just to make your body look amazing, but core is the #1 key component in keeping your body healthy, strong, and agile like you are in your 20’s.

And that’s why our Core Strength Agility workout series is just as important for our total beginner workout buddies to our most elite athlete clients.

But worry not, each exercise is provided with 3 intensity levels, designed specifically for:

Level-1: Beginners or people who have never trained core properly before.

Level-2: Intermediates or folks who want to build a strong, lean, and totally defined body

Level-3: Athletes and elite level members who want to get the most ripped, powerful, and high-performance human body possible!

And by the way…

The CSA combo workout series are some of the most effective metabolic fat loss system that maximize the Afterburn Effect…

Many of our workout buddies reported they lose between 0.8 – 1.5 pounds just one day after doing a full CSA workout!

Check out the videos below to get started TODAY!


Core Strength Agility Workout Download

CSA_part1-1139 CSA2-1321
If you are new to strength training, Join Marlon John, weight loss guru and NSCA certified trainer to this classic functional resistance training to perfect the form and build a strong foundation first. Two rounds of metabolic strength circuits that boost your metabolism and drastically improve your core strength, power, and agility.
CSA3-931 CSA4-752
Slow down the tempo to help you nail the form and give you greater fat burning and muscle sculpting results with more “time under tension.” Be warned. You will feel the burn! Take it up a notch by combining our most effective moves simultaneously. These fast, sweaty combo moves will spike up your metabolism and accelerate weight loss like never before!
CSA5-0646 CSA6-1249
Warning: This advanced metabolic combo circuit will supercharge your metabolism and supersize the caloric burn!

*Tip: Lower or drop your weights but always try to finish the circuit. It’ll fatigue your muscles, in the best way possible, and help you get results 2.7X faster
Core-focused super circuits that sculpt the entire body.

At long last, not only that you’ll get rid of the stubborn belly fat, but you’ll carve out the most amazingly defined 6-pack abs you have been dreaming of!


 PLUS, Order Any CSA Workout Video And Get 2 FREE Gifts Today!

personal-trainerBONUS #1 CSA Warm-Up:  

Don’t arbitrary stretch your body before a workout.

In fact, stretching out cold muscle can actually cause injuries.
This is a $7 value, but we want you to have it 100% free when you purchase and CSA workout today!


BONUS #2 CSA Cool Down:

As you strengthen and tighten your muscle from every angle in today’s CSA workout, you will need to make sure you recover properly.

That’s why we created a specific CSA Cool Down sequence to help you stretch out your core, your back, and every part of your body properly. You’ll feel fresh all over!

Another $7 value that we want you to give it to you for free!



Not Sure Where To Start?

If you have been exercising, dieting, or following any kind of weight loss tips…

But you have yet achieved the body you truly desire?

Then chances are that you may be making 1 of the 5 major fat loss mistakes, what we call a “Metabolic Mismatch.”

What is that exactly?

From our experience helping 37,489 people from 57 countries to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals, there are basically five possible common mistakes people are making that are holding them back from reaching their goals.

Ironically, depending on your age, gender, fitness level, body type, there is also a specific workout type that matches your body perfectly.

This unique and optimal workout system can effectively increase your , hence naturally reprogram your body to continually burn more fat, easily slim down your waistline, and sculpt lean muscles much faster and easier.

Before you do another workout today, here’s what we recommend.

Click on the big orange button to take the 7-question Metabolic Fit Test, and in just 30 to 60 seconds, you will:

  • Identify the biggest fat loss mistake that is costing you time, money with no results to show for it
  • Eliminate your #1 Metabolic Mismatch for a dramatically faster fat burning metabolism
  • Discover how to do shorter, but targeted exercises specifically for your situation
  • Slim down and tone up simultaneously to get lean, toned, and incredibly defined faster

weight loss struggle The only catch is this. Because this tool is typically something that we give access only to our private 1-on-1 clients, we are really unsure how much longer we’ll be making this tool available online for free.

So please take the fit test now, while it’s available online and 100% FREE.



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