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Molly O, Seattle, WA
Before WBX
After WBX

Lost 5 LBS and 1 jean size in the first week. I feel like a different person!

Dr. Knox. Chiropractor, Miami, FL
Before WBX
After WBX

Functional, corrective, and very effective. I encourage all my patients to try Workout Buddy X, and you should too!

Amy C, Toronto, CANADA
Before WBX
After WBX

Just believe in yourself and give it a try. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks!

Mohit, Edison, NJ
Before WBX
After WBX

Felt stronger, fitter, and saw changes on my body every week. I lost 26 LBS and got ripped.

Mike S, Santa Barbara, CA
Before WBX
After WBX

Got rid off 19 LBS of body fat and gained lean muscles. The belly fat is completely gone.



WBX Mobile Beta is now live!

02 August 2012

Workout anytime, anywhere, on any “mobile device” has never been easier with Workout BuddyX.com -Mobile Beta!

Since all the workouts have been optimized for minimal amount of space with little or no equipment, you can now literally take your workout routine everywhere you go!

The mobile version automatically plays the optimized video file format depending on your tablets or smart phones with full browser capacity.

To access any workout videos from your mobile device, simply go t... Read More...

Bonus new eBook Aims to Change Your Eating Habit

20 July 2012

LOS ANGELES – Jul 20, 2012 - WorkoutBuddyX.com, a leading online fitness website released a comprehensive EBook that serves as an achievable eating guide for people of all types.

Workout Buddy X.com created “The FAT BURNING Blueprint” as a specialized weight loss guide focused on giving people enough structure, yet a lot of flexibility to gradually change eating habits.

The EBook launched Wednesday the 11th of July 2012 on the company’s website as additional resource to those who... Read More...

Can Online Personal Trainers Deliver the Results?

08 March 2012

Personal trainers can be highly effective in helping you lose weight, but the price tag of $60 per hour is not for everybody. At fraction of the cost, online PTs can offer consultation and customization for your workout, but can they deliver the same results?

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, with over two third of American adults either overweight or obese. If we do not do anything about it, the number is not going anywhere but up. Small and large companies alike are pr... Read More...

How to Stay Fit in Las Vegas

30 January 2012

Keeping your diet while in Sin City can be a definite challenge. The city surrounds you with temptations such as 24-hour restaurants, dozens of buffets, around the clock alcoholic drinks. Below are some tips to help you stay on your diet while still having a good time on your Vegas vacation.

Buffet Diet Tips

It may be tempting to \"go big\" at Vegas buffets, but if you are on a weight loss program, you don’t have to undo all your hard work in one meal. After all, a buffet meal is just li... Read More...

Top 3 Reasons Why 2011 Weight Loss Goals Failed

18 January 2012

Every year, millions of Americans start the year by adding losing weight on top 3 of their New Year’s Resolution list, yet very few of them actually accomplish those goals. Here are the top 3 reasons many people’s 2011 weight loss goal failed and how you can achieve them in 2012:

# 1. Going It Alone.

Let’s be honest. Sticking to a weight loss program by yourself is hard. This is the # 1 reason why most people couldn’t stick to a diet or a fitness program. By going it alone, you... Read More...

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