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Molly O, Seattle, WA
Before WBX
After WBX

Lost 5 LBS and 1 jean size in the first week. I feel like a different person!

Dr. Knox. Chiropractor, Miami, FL
Before WBX
After WBX

Functional, corrective, and very effective. I encourage all my patients to try Workout Buddy X, and you should too!

Amy C, Toronto, CANADA
Before WBX
After WBX

Just believe in yourself and give it a try. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks!

Mohit, Edison, NJ
Before WBX
After WBX

Felt stronger, fitter, and saw changes on my body every week. I lost 26 LBS and got ripped.

Mike S, Santa Barbara, CA
Before WBX
After WBX

Got rid off 19 LBS of body fat and gained lean muscles. The belly fat is completely gone.



New Membership Levels – Next Gen of Customized Fitness and Nutrition

06 August 2014

In this day and age of everything “more automatic”, and fitness pushing to be more extreme, or even “insane”, we\'ve decided to go a completely opposite direction. That is taking the time to really understand each member’s strength and weakness, then hand-draft the most customized fitness and nutrition plan to help you truly accomplish your goals!

Introducing the new 3 levels of WBX membership:

1. WBX LEAN© COMPLETE HOME FITNESS PROGRAM - Get instant online access to 18 of our ... Read More...

New Version Release: Fat Burning Blueprint 2.0

26 November 2013

The new and improved version now includes:

*5-Min Simple Recipes – ideal for busy folks and beginners cooks
*Printable top 100 fat burning foods grocery list
*Easy-to-understand charts and diagrams illustrating why specific foods get stored as fat and how to reverse the process

No calorie counting, no point counting, and not a starvation diet. The Fat Burning Blueprint 2.0 is a flexible, “no-fail” eating plan that fit into any lifestyle. The truth is: “food is NOT your enemy, ... Read More...

WBX Head Trainer Creates New Fitness Tool

24 May 2013

Invented by WBX Head Trainer – Philippe Til, and co-designed by a NASA engineer, SmartFlex™ is the ultimate tool to stretch & strengthen at the same time.

Studies have shown that this portable tool will help relieve pain, correct imbalances, and restore alignment in the back, neck, and shoulders.

What People Say:

“I feel that relaxed feeling you have when you do yoga or when you stretch but I feel the burn and the adrenaline from that - I have never had that feeling in a workou... Read More...

New Feature Announcement: Trainer Live Chat

29 December 2012

Wanna know how to do the perfect “lunge”? Have an old knee injury that’s bothering your squats? Or you just want to know if you are eating too much carbs?

Talk to us!

See the new TRAINER LIVE CHAT” box on the top? Click on it to instantly chat with our certified Personal Trainers and get answer to your questions right here, right now!

The fact is that while WorkoutBuddyX can help you lose weight smarter and faster, tackling a total body transformation is still not easy! You ne... Read More...

Over 5,000 Facebook Fans!

04 November 2012

Thank you WBX Fans! We just passed 5,000 \"Likes\" on our Facebook Fan Page!

Click the \"Like\" button below to receive simple & effective weight loss tips, e-Course videos, inspiration, and many more!

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