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Workout Buddy X® is an evolving fitness platform. We are not only specialized in transforming your body in a short period of time, but also we aim to help you live a healthier lifestyle through smart eating, effective exercising, and social interaction.

Both of our technical team and production crew are working hard to bring you innovative products to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals even easier.  Upcoming products include: new technical features to amplify your weight loss experience, new social integration to promote interaction and social encouragement, as well as new fun & effective videos that will be fully integrated to your workout plan.

Let Workout Buddy X be your long-term partner to guide you through a healthy lifestyle. Upgrade to the Annual Pass and take advantage of all the exciting features with a huge 60% OFF DISCOUNT!  
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Upcoming Features

Daily Recipe & Meal Plans
We are working with top nutritionists and dietitians to develop daily recipes and meals.  All daily meals plans will be created specifically to fuel the featured workout of the day, while help you build functional muscular tone and boost metabolism to burn body fat.  We also want you to focus your time on the workouts, not in the kitchen, so all meal plans requires 30 minutes or less!
Get Strong & Ripped
A brand new workout program- WBX RIPPED is under beta testing.  WBX RIPPED aims to help you add bulk and size in the shortest period of time. We are also creating a specific nutrition plan to help you gain the size and strength while carving out all the fat. Be warned, this one is gonna be intense! So continue with our regular training sessions to build up the functional strength first.
Full Blast Yoga
A faster and stronger class that links the poses together to promote more caloric burn and muscle toning.  Every pose and transition are taught in a clear manner with modification suitable for beginners, moderate members, and seasoned yogis.  Crank it up a notch in Full Blast Yoga and be prepared to get a little sweaty!
Group Discount
Obesity is expensive!  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the yearly medical costs of obesity are estimated at $147 billion. With the rising insurance cost, and poor economy, companies are struggling to keep the employees fit and healthy.  Avoid costly and ineffective gym memberships by switching to WBX GROUPS!  WBX GROUPS provides additional 25% - 50% discount, depending on the size of your group.  Plans start with as low as 10 people.  Contact us now to see if your company qualifies.
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