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Camia, Atlanta, GA
Before WBX
After WBX

Finally, a simple system that works for ME!

*Camia lost 45 LBS after following her diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks, 30 minutes per workout x 3 times a week. Results may vary.

Molly O, Seattle, WA
Before WBX
After WBX

Lost 5 LBS and 1 jean size in the first week. I feel like a different person!

*Molly followed her diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks. Results may vary.

Dr. Knox. Chiropractor, Miami, FL
Before WBX
After WBX

Functional, corrective, and effective. I encourage all my patients to try WBX, and you should too!

*Dr. Knox lost 25 LBS following his diet and exercise plan for 12 weeks. Results may vary.

Amy C, Toronto, CANADA
Before WBX
After WBX

Just believe in yourself and try it. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks!

*Amy lost 24 LBS in 3 months. Results may vary.

Michelle D, Omaha, NE
Before WBX
After WBX

I love that workouts are different every day.

*Michelle lost 21 LBS following her diet and exercise plan for 3 month with three 30-minute workouts each week. Results may vary.

Mohit, Edison, NJ
Before WBX
After WBX

Felt stronger, fitter, and saw changes on my body every week. I lost 26 LBS and got ripped.

*Mohit followed his diet and exercise plan for 7 months. Results may vary.

James Y, Des Moines, IA
Before WBX
After WBX

Started weighing 234 LBS made it difficult finding a program for my size, but in just 3 months, I lost 54 LBS. If I can do it, anybody can do it! * Results may vary.

Galina K, Venice, CA
Before WBX
After WBX

Starting weight was 176.6 lbs and 37.6% body fat. After just 60 days, 160 lbs and 27.3% body fat.

* Results may vary.


Instead of going to the gym, is it possible for women and men in their mid 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to burn 2.7X the body fat doing wildly unusual home exercise?

Why These Specific “Shorter” Exercise Are Burning More Calories And Melting More Body Fat?

Look. If you have been:

Spending hours pounding the treadmill…

Struggling to follow boot camp classes…

Sharing complicated machines covered in other gym-goers’ DNA

Or, if you have tried EVERYTHING.

But still not losing the annoying body fat?...

Then, you may want to “step-back” a few steps, and check out this“Wild Fitness Style” home bootcamp workout series.

Because unlike most conventional weight loss programs that tells you to “ “EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE”, multiple new studies have proven that shorter, less complicated exercise done in an unique way can actually “boost your metabolism“ and triggers a higher “cumulative fat burn.”

For example, according to a new study published on European Journal of Applied Physiology, workouts with anaerobic weight training was able to:

Elevate “post exercise energy consumption“, especially fat calorie burns for 48 hours after the workout.

Crazy, right?

What that means is this:

When you mix the right balance of high intensity workouts, “calorie and fat burning continues long beyond the period you are doing the exercise!

And that is what exactly what this Total Body Evolution workout series is designed to do:

Unleash your “wild side” to boost your metabolic rate and drastically reduce body fat!

Starting today, you too can burn up to 2.7 X the calories for the next 48 hours, even when you go to sleep!

While many of our workout buddies have reported insane fat loss from doing TBE, it does NOT mean that you will lose your sanity, or do something “extreme.”

Each TBE exercise is modified with 3 intensity levels that is ideal for:

Level-1: Beginners or folks in the 40’s and 50’s who need a lower impact but highly effective workout to reboot their metabolism.

Level-2: Average women and men who want to unleash their inner wild side to get strong, lean, and defined.

Level-3: Elite athletes who want to boost stamina, agility, and performance to the next level.

And the best part?

These fun, total body Afterburn workouts require nothing but your own body weight. We’ll show you how you too can:

Transform your body with your own body!

Try any TBE workout today to see the pounds melt off in the next 30 days… Then decide whether you want to keep the downloads with our 100% satisfied results guarantee!

sexy_scorpion_10-05 Lizard_-11-38
No weights today! But grab a towel because Marlon John (NSCA & Boot Camp Certified) is going to make you sweat as you chiseling away at your upper body. ”Wet”, wild and fun! These dynamic circuit workout will torch calorie, sculpt lean muscles, and incinerate body fat.
Catipillar-08-45 dragon_tail-06-48
Shape your legs, carve out your glutes, and define sexy shoulders in this lower-body focused metabolic conditioning workout. See your body evolve! Lift, redefine, and tighten the entire backside for the perfect tight and round butt
angry_apes-09-45 Felines-13-12
Warning Many workout buddies refer this routine as the “X” of Workout Buddy X. This sweat-drenching metabolic cardio will boost your Afterburn and take your fitness to the next level. Chisel your abs from every unusual angle.

Build a strong core, flat, sculpted abs!

 PLUS, Order Any TBE Workout Video And Get 2 FREE Gifts Today!

personal-trainerBONUS #1 TBE Warm-Up:  

Don’t arbitrary stretch your body before a workout.

In fact, stretching out cold muscle can actually cause injuries.
This is a $7 value, but we want you to have it 100% free when you purchase and TBE workout today!


BONUS #2 TBE Cool Down:

As you strengthen and tighten your muscle from every angle in today’s TBE workout, you will need to make sure you recover properly.

That’s why we created a specific TBECool Down sequence to help you stretch out your core, your back, and every part of your body properly. You’ll feel fresh all over!

Another $7 value that we want you to give it to you for free!


Not Sure Where To Start?

If you have been exercising, dieting, or following any kind of weight loss tips…

But you have yet achieved the body you truly desire?

Then chances are that you may be making 1 of the 5 major fat loss mistakes, what we call a “Metabolic Mismatch.”

What is that exactly?

From our experience helping 37,489 people from 57 countries to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals, there are basically five possible common mistakes people are making that are holding them back from reaching their goals.

Ironically, depending on your age, gender, fitness level, body type, there is also a specific workout type that matches your body perfectly.

This unique and optimal workout system can effectively increase your , hence naturally reprogram your body to continually burn more fat, easily slim down your waistline, and sculpt lean muscles much faster and easier.

Before you do another workout today, here’s what we recommend.

Click on the big orange button to take the 7-question Metabolic Fit Test, and in just 30 to 60 seconds, you will:

  • Identify the biggest fat loss mistake that is costing you time, money with no results to show for it
  • Eliminate your #1 Metabolic Mismatch for a dramatically faster fat burning metabolism
  • Discover how to do shorter, but targeted exercises specifically for your situation
  • Slim down and tone up simultaneously to get lean, toned, and incredibly defined faster

weight loss struggle The only catch is this. Because this tool is typically something that we give access only to our private 1-on-1 clients, we are really unsure how much longer we’ll be making this tool available online for free.

So please take the fit test now, while it’s available online and 100% FREE.



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